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How do I book?

All you need to do is get in touch. You can contact me on the form below, drop me a dm on social media, or pick up the phone and call (old skool style).

Does my venue need to be licensed? 

The beauty of a celebrant led ceremony means that there are no restrictions on location. So be it your own garden, a beach, hot air balloon or stately home, it is completely your choice!

Is an independent celebrant the same as a humanist celebrant?

No, but often people do get confused between us. Because I am independent, I can weave modern, alternative, religious content or faith beliefs into my ceremonies. These can include symbolic cultural rituals, blessings, or religious prayer/hymns.

Does the ceremony have to be traditional?

Nope! You choose a style that suits you, this could be modern, humorous, spiritual or fun. There really are no limits. The best kind of ceremonies are the ones that weave a mixture of key moments and a little bit of you.


Is a celebrant led ceremony legal?

A celebrant led ceremony is personal, unique and symbolic but sadly, at this time, not legally binding. There are several options available to you to legally register your marriage, ask me for more details.

When should I book my celebrant?

As soon as you are ready. Most celebrants, like myself, take bookings years, months, weeks or days in advance. The sooner you contact me, the sooner you secure your date in my diary.

How long do you normally attend on the day?

Regardless of ceremony type, I am there an hour before the ceremony begins. This is to ensure everything is ready, and to be there as your guests arrive. After the ceremony, I always make sure you have moved on to the next part of your event before I leave.

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Does my culture, faith or religion matter?

No, not at all. My celebrant ceremony has no restrictions, everyone is welcome. 

Can I write my own wedding vows?

Yes! In fact, I actively encourage it. This is your one opportunity to speak words to one another that are of your choosing. Don't worry if you're not a wordsmith, we can create your perfect vows together.

Will we get to meet you before the ceremony?

Regardless of the ceremony type, we will meet before. Where possible, this meeting will always be face to face. But working with families and couples from all over the world, sometimes, we have to hop on a video call. It is really important to me, to get to know you or your loved one as much as possible.

How far do you travel?

Literally anywhere! Give me any excuse for a road trip adventure, train ride, plane journey or ferry crossing.

How long does a ceremony last?

A typical ceremony, be it wedding, funeral or naming is around 30 - 40 minutes. But as you are in full control of it's content, it can be short and sweet or extended to include several readings, musical interludes or rituals.

Can I have a ceremony at any time?

Of course, your ceremony can be at any time on any day of the week. So if you want to say farewell at dawn, or whisper 'I do' at the stroke of midnight. You have the freedom to choose.

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